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Artios School of Ministry 

We exist to equip and prepare the remnant to be bold witnesses for Messiah and to prepare the way for His return.

Classes are teacher facilitated and student centered collaborative encounters with the Living Word through the in depth study of the written word. Those passionate about being faithful witnesses who are seeking further study of Scripture and interaction with others of like passion as well as those already established in ministry will benefit from participation.

We host four, three month modules per year. Our first module, SIGNS OF THE TIMES, begins September 2020.


Our first class of 2022 will be held Saturday March 5th at 10am- 2pm at our new gathering place located at 739 Old Potato Rd, Paige, Texas, 78659


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Spring Semester Course Syllabus 


  • Making your election sure

  • Callings

  • Offices and gifts

  • Discerning the body 

V. The ABC's of Hebrew

  • Letters, Numbers & Pictures

  • Power of the WORD

IX. Living Victoriously

  • The Glorious Church 

  • Addictions and Strongholds

  • Patterns and Cycles

  • The Transformation

II. Power and Authority

  • Supremacy of Christ 

  • Sonship 

  • Dunamis, Exousia,Kratos

  • Signs, Wonders and Miracles

  • Abiding and Reigning

VI.Kingdom Life

  • Understanding the Kingdom Concepts

  • Colonization, Kingship, Lordship, Territory, Law, Citizenship, Culture

  • The Christian Disciplines

III. Faith that Moves Mountains

  • Faith for Salvation

  • Faith for Exploits

  • Faith and the Gifts

  • Faith and Works

  • Faith and Words


  • Signs of the Times & End of Days

  • Canon & Apocrypha Revelation

  • Tribulation, Rapture & Millennial Schools of Thought

IV.Our Judeo-Christian Heritage

  • The Moedim and Memorials

  • Shabbat

  • Shavuot

  • Yom Teruah

  • Yom Kippur

  • Sukkot

  • Passover

  • Purim

  • Hanukkah

VIII.Angels & Demons

  • Hierarchy, authority & power

  • Interactions

  • The Hand of God, Deliverance & Healing

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