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Matza and Dill

Seder Teaching


This particular Haggadah, based upon the traditional order of service of the Passover, is adapted for use by both Jewish and Gentile followers of Yeshua(Jesus). Along with the usual elements of the Seder we highlight the links between the traditional Seder and the Last Supper. Set aside time during Passover week and enjoy a Seder together with family and friends, so that your faith in the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world will deepened, or even perhaps awakened for the first time if you have not yet committed your life to God's Messiah. 

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The word Seder simply means "order" and refers to an order of service designed to tell the story of the Passover. This telling(Haggadah) reminds the children of Israel each year of what God did by the hand of Moses in delivering them from Egyptian bondage. A story of redemption and deliverance that God has provided through His Son. This feast is a great way to enhance your understanding of Scripture. The Feast of Passover is especially for the children, as they can personally participate in the Seder. By touching, tasting, and smelling the elements on the Seder table.

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