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We have been in a prolonged time of testing— a time of pits, valleys, wilderness, fire and flood. It has been a time of probation. Like the wilderness experience of the Israelites, what could have been a very quick experience became a very long one. The Israelites were in the wilderness 40 years. Scripturally, 40 is the number of probation and testing. And we have likewise been tested in a time of transition. We have been refined and made ready. Our character was fortified to be able to stand in the high place we will now come into. We have been spiritually pregnant in the hallway between two doorways, one closed and one standing open. We have been in the low valley between two high mountains. But we are now—in this month—giving birth, and beginning in now and increasing through September, we will begin to ascend to actualize the dream Father has given, the promise He has birthed in us.
Actualize means to make actual or real, to possess. Every great and precious promise that eluded us until now we will now begin to possess.
At a Pentecost celebration in my city, as my husband and I prepared to leave early, a woman we knew, but not well, came to me and said she had a word for me but felt a bit intimidated to give a word to a pastor, but the LORD would not allow her to sit without releasing it. She told me that Father said “you have been given great influence and greater anointing for all those you are influencing. And now is the time.” This was significant to me because I had been praying and asking confirmation for the timing of the LORD to begin walking in done things He commissioned and anointed me to do. In the past there had been times I was convinced were The appointed time, but were not. They were merely times of looking into, or spying out the promise, but not for actualization. But my answer came at Pentecost, NOW is the time. Now the dream. Now the promise. Actualization.

In the hallway experience, much purging and pruning took place. There were those who had been friends in past seasons that we were separated from. There were longtime partners/members of ministries who left. There were possessions that were lost. All was necessary. There were people and things that had to be released, that had to removed. To ascend, you had to be untethered. You had to be made light. There were many that were for you in a season but could not go into your next season because overtime you became unequally yoked. There were some who were draining you and had to be separated from you. Some who were contaminated and could not go with you. Others who were adversaries pretending to be advocates. But Father exposed and revealed then purged and pruned. Now you have been made lean. But you will now be augmented! You who have been faithful over what was entrusted to you will be enlarged. Those of you who did not despise the day of small beginnings will now increase. You will be added to. You will be given resources to do what you have been made ready to do. You have found favor with the LORD. In the time of testing and in the low place, you learned to trust the LORD for your daily bread, you learned to trust the LORD rather than man or your own wit and skill. Now you will be added to. Now is the time of augmentation for you. Not just new jobs, but new careers, new mantles, new authority. Not just another city, but new regions.


Usually there is resistance during an ascent; but you will come out of the valley where there was much discouraging resistance and delay to ascend and possess a new mountain (place of influence, place of revelation). The Ruach (wind, Spirit, breath) of God is beneath you. He is renewing your strength because you waited on Him with Him. He is giving you new passion, excitement and expectation.
Time is short and many processes will be circumvented. There will now be many suddenlies in your life and ministry. You will. I’d enter quickly what you have had an earnest expectation of for many years. Before you ask, the answer will have already been released. Now will the plowman overtake the reader if grapes. Now will the mountains drip sweet wine at an accelerated rate for the sons and daughters of the Most High.
The earth will see deep darkeness, storms and war but those who are the prepared remnant the LORD will shine brightly and bring light and rescue to many.
Now is the time. Now you are being transformed so that you might bring in a great harvest!
Now! Go lay hands on the sick and expect them to recover. Go teach and preach the message of love. Go cast out demons. Go raise the dead. Go do exploits! It’s time and it begins now and will increase with momentum.

Ayin Tet was about birth and judgment.
Ayin Pey is about the mouth, what you say.
When the children of Israel would ascend the mountain in time of pilgrimage, they would sing hallels, declaring the goodness and faithfulness of the LORD. As we ascend, let us do so with praise and blessing upon our lips. Let the words of our mouth be acceptable to the LORD in the high places we will occupy, on the platforms we will now be given.

So be it

The Word of The LORD

Words of Encouragement, Words of Nourishment and Words of Re-direction  

Dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the Most High God,
I have received three words I would like to pass on to you. These words are for now. These words are for you and me:

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